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  • (do-send-moolao q l ll)

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(defne do-send-moolao [q l ll]
  ([[send more money] _ _]
     (fresh [s e n d m o r y
             l1 l2 l3 l4 l5 l6 l7 l8 l9]
       (first-digito s l l1)
       (first-digito m l1 l2)
       (digito e l2 l3)
       (digito n l3 l4)
       (digito d l4 l5)
       (digito o l5 l6)
       (digito r l6 l7)
       (digito y l7 l8)
       (project [s e n d m o r y]
         (== send (+ (* s 1000) (* e 100) (* n 10) d))
         (== more (+ (* m 1000) (* o 100) (* r 10) e))
         (== money (+ (* m 10000) (* o 1000) (* n 100) (* e 10) y))
         (project [send more]
           (== money (+ send more)))))))
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