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  • (def-apply-to-helper n)

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(defmacro def-apply-to-helper [n]
  (let [r (range 1 (clojure.core/inc n))
        args (map a-sym r)
        arg-binds (fn [n]
                    (mapcat (fn [a]
                              `(~a (first ~'arglist)
                                   ~'arglist (next ~'arglist)))
                            (take n args)))
        case-clause (fn [n]
                      `(~n (let [~@(arg-binds (dec n))]
                            (.invoke ~'ifn ~@(take (dec n) args)
                                      (first ~'arglist) nil)))))]
   `(defn ~'apply-to-helper
      [~(with-meta 'ifn {:tag clojure.lang.IFn}) ~'arglist]
      (case (clojure.lang.RT/boundedLength ~'arglist 20)
            ~@(mapcat case-clause r)))))
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