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  • (extend-rel name & args)

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(defmacro extend-rel [name & args]
  (let [arity (count args)
        r (range 1 (clojure.core/inc arity))
        as (map a-sym r)
        indexed (vec (filter (fn [[a i]]
                               (-> a meta :index))
                             (map vector
                                  (range 1 (clojure.core/inc arity)))))
        check-lvar (fn [[o i]]
                     (let [a (a-sym i)]
                       `((not (clojure.core.logic/contains-lvar? (clojure.core.logic/walk* ~'a ~a)))
                         ((deref ~(index-sym name arity o)) (clojure.core.logic/walk* ~'a ~a)))))
        indexed-set (fn [[o i]]
                      `(def ~(index-sym name arity o) (atom {})))]
    (if (<= arity 20)
        (def ~(set-sym name arity) (atom #{}))
        ~@(map indexed-set indexed)
        (add-indexes ~name ~arity '~indexed)
        (setfn ~name ~arity
               (fn [~@as]
                 (fn [~'a]
                   (let [set# (cond
                               ~@(mapcat check-lvar indexed)
                               :else (deref ~(set-sym name arity)))]
                      (->> set#
                           (map (fn [cand#]
                                  (when-let [~'a (clojure.core.logic/unify ~'a [~@as] cand#)]
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