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(defmacro RelHelper [arity]
  (let [r (range 1 (+ arity 2))
        fs (map f-sym r)
        mfs (map #(with-meta % {:volatile-mutable true :tag clojure.lang.IFn})
        create-sig (fn [n]
                     (let [args (map a-sym (range 1 (clojure.core/inc n)))]
                       `(invoke [~'_ ~@args]
                                  (~(f-sym n) ~@args))))
        set-case (fn [[f arity]]
                   `(~arity (set! ~f ~'f)))]
       (deftype ~'Rel [~'name ~'indexes ~'meta
         (~'withMeta [~'_ ~'meta]
           (~'Rel. ~'name ~'indexes ~'meta ~@fs))
         (~'meta [~'_]
         ~@(map create-sig r)
         (~'applyTo [~'this ~'arglist]
            (~'apply-to-helper ~'this ~'arglist))
         (~'setfn [~'_ ~'arity ~'f]
           (case ~'arity
                 ~@(mapcat set-case (map vector fs r))))
         (~'indexes-for [~'_ ~'arity]
           ((deref ~'indexes) ~'arity))
         (~'add-indexes [~'_ ~'arity ~'index]
           (swap! ~'indexes assoc ~'arity ~'index)))
       (defmacro ~'defrel 
         "Define a relation for adding facts. Takes a name and some fields.
         Use fact/facts to add facts and invoke the relation to query it."
         [~'name ~'& ~'rest]
         (defrel-helper ~'name ~arity ~'rest)))))
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